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The Tate Family

Added to the church in the 15th century, the Harvey Chapel is so called because it contains two extremely fine early 17th centurry monuments comemorating the Harvey family.

On the north wall (adjoining the chancel) is a two tiered mounment decorated with effigies of Stephen Harvey (d. 1606), his wife Anne (d. 1590) and below 3 highly decorative kneeling effigies represent their three sons (l to r) Sir Francis Harvey (d.1632), Stephen Harvey (d.1636) and William Harvey (d1633). 

Opposite is an ornate marble monument to Sir Stephen Harvey, the only son & heir of Sir Francis Harvey (opposite). He died in 1630. The recumbent (lying down figure) is shown with sword as befits a knight and the white alabaster tomb istelf shows traces of its original paintwork. 

Both monuments are somewhat damaged and difficult to see in their entirety but are somewhat of a hidden gem in the church. 

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