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The Tate Family

The Tate family were the owners of Delapre Abbey following the dissolution of the nunnery in 1538. And it appears that they, like the Bouveries that followed them, saw St. Edmund's as their parish church. Although, as staunch protestants,  it is unclear how much some of the Tate family interacted with the church during the religious turmoil of the 16th and 17th centuries. It is clear from records however that Tate births, marriages and deaths were recorded here and a number of monuments to the generations of Tates who lived at Delapre Abbey still remain in the chancel. 

On the south wall of the chancel can be found a stone table tomb with Elizabethan carving - surmounted by the Tate crest. Now used as a seat, this tomb has obviously been moved or rearranged at some point in the past, for if you look closely at the bottom you can see that it has been replaced upside down (look at the shields). 

Hidden away (though sometimes uncovered during special events such as Heritage Open Days) are two finely carved marble grave slabs in memory of Bartholomew Tate (d. 1704) and his wife, and Mary (d.1699), widow of William Tate. 

You can find out more about the Tates of Delapre by visiting nearby Delapre Abbey, a newly restored historic house with over 900 years of history to share -

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