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Our village contains a priceless historical treasure that is an integral part of our heritage and identity. The parish church of St. Edmund, Hardingstone, dates back nearly a thousand years and remains a centre for worship, ceremonies and village events to this day.


In addition to our regular Sunday services, we host The Well community café, open every Tuesday & Friday from 10 am - 12.30 pm. Do pop in and join us for refreshments & good company you'll be made very welcome.

The churchyard - an oasis of peace, beauty and wildlife - is open to all throughout the week, whilst the church itself is open during the day when the wooden sign is on the gate.

Find out more about the church's history with our

St Edmund's Story exhibition and guide.


The Supporters of St. Edmund's is a separate charity which aims to raise funds to maintain and improve the church building. We do this by promoting the church's heritage and organising fund raising events for the whole community. Please get in touch to find out how you can help ...



For the Supporters of St Edmund's charity, email: 


For  church services and worship, please Email: or telephone: 

       01604 374379

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