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For centuries St Edmund’s has been the centre of the Hardingstone community, welcoming everyone to celebrate life’s milestones, to join in worship or social events with neighbours, and to come and experience the special atmosphere of this beautiful ancient building. We would love you to join in......

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You can support St. Edmund's by making a donation.

You can donate in the church using the donation box or by purchasing one of our souvenir postcards or church guides.

Alternatively you can donate online at Give a Little.... 

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THE WELL- community cafe

Join Us at The Well

  • Refreshments

  • Company

  • Space to be quiet

  • Things To Do 

  • Helpers especially welcome

  • Church History & Heritage

  • Churchyard Nature and tranquillity 


Hardingstone's Community Café

Tuesdays & Fridays, 10am - 1pm 

All's well at The Well ...


Why not volunteer at St. Edmund’s ? 

  • Become a Supporter of St Edmund's, raising money for new heating & other improvements. 

  • Join the fabric maintenance team, helping with cleaning and minor repairs.

  • Help with further research into the church’s rich history.

  • Participate in the churchyard wildlife project.


If you can help, please get in touch....

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Your Church in
Your Hands

The Supporters of St Edmund's is a charity registered on 16th January 2018 that encourages everyone connected with Hardingstone - whether or not they are a churchgoer - to take an active part in contributing towards the preservation and improvement of our church. It is an important listed asset and an integral part of our village.

However, to make St Edmund's the church that Hardingstone needs in the 21st century, we need your support. Urgently needed are: 

  •  Help with spiralling costs of upkeep

  •  A more flexible functional space with safe floors                  

  •  A new efficient heating system, fit for purpose                     

 Improved disabled access


Email to find out more ...                         

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